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When insurance companies don’t pay out claims or refuse to honor their obligations, I will fight on your behalf.
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You Paid Your Premiums. Why Isn’t Your Insurer Paying Your Claim?

Having an insurance policy is supposed to protect you from catastrophic losses. When your home or business is damaged by a natural disaster or unforeseen circumstance, you may rightfully expect that your insurance company will pay on your claim. It can be a shock when the company tries to minimize your claim, reduce the scope of its responsibility or flat-out refuse to pay it.

To resolve difficult insurance issues, you need a knowledgeable advocate who understands the nuances of insurance law. Eric Grogan, founder of Grogan Law, PLLC, learned the “other side” of insurance claims as an insurance defense attorney. Now, his focus is on representing individuals and businesses that need a settlement from their Texas insurance claims to get their lives back on track.

Many of the personnel involved in insurance claim processing either work for or are in contract with the insurance company. That means they are invested in paying out the lowest possible amount to you. Attorney Grogan will review the evidence for your TX insurance claim and prepare your case for mediation or litigation, if it proves necessary.
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Protecting Your Rights In Property Damage Cases

If your insurance company is not treating you fairly, you may be wondering if you need a lawyer to resolve the dispute. Keep in mind that hiring an attorney shows the insurance company you are serious about protecting your rights and that you will not be bullied or ignored.

Eric understands exactly how insurance companies operate because he worked as an insurance defense lawyer. He knows how they try to undervalue and deny claims for property damage. You can rely on his knowledge and experience in this area of law. You can also count on his commitment to getting his clients everything they deserve. He can assist you with Texas property damage claims that involve water damage, fire, mold, wind, hail and more. Learn about your property damage claim by arranging a free consultation.


Do You Have An Insurance Bad Faith Claim?

When your home or commercial or industrial property sustains damage, it causes many problems simultaneously. Where will you live? When will your business be able to open again? How will you pay for the repairs? What if the entire structure was damaged beyond repair?

Your insurance policy is supposed to cover the repairs and related costs, but you may have trouble getting your insurance company to pay out the amount you need. The tactics they may use to avoid paying out claims can include:

  • Misrepresenting your policy’s coverage
  • Pressuring you not to work with a lawyer
  • Denying your claim
  • Not paying the full value of your claim
  • Changing the terms of the policy after receiving your claim
  • Refusing to give you a reason for a denial
  • Refusing to communicate with you
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These types of issues, and others, may constitute insurance bad faith. If your attorney establishes that the insurance company knowingly acted in bad faith, you may seek attorney’s fees and court costs, interest on payments they delayed and, when appropriate, treble damages on the compensation you should have received. Every case is unique, however, so it is best to discuss your claim with an attorney.

Take Action Today To Resolve Your Insurance Dispute

Eric Grogan can evaluate your settlement claim to see if the insurer is giving you a fair amount for your loss. He can also determine whether your insurer acted in bad faith. Please call Grogan Law, PLLC in Austin at (512) 966-1847 for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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Our insurance provider refused to pay a claim for replacing our roof after a hail storm caused damages in 2021. We opted to retain Eric to represent us and if needed, take the insurance company to court. We found Eric to be courteous in his interactions, providing updates frequently, knowledgeable of Insurance laws, and perhaps most importantly, as someone who could get results. The insurance company agreed to settle out of court, and paid for our damages. Without hesitation, I recommend Grogan Law to others who might need legal representation in getting their legitimate claims paid by reluctant insurance providers.

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