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Consumer Protection in Texas

Every day, Texans seek goods and services but they do not always get what they are promised. For example, Texans do not always get what they bargain for when:

  • purchasing or repairing vehicles
  • making home repairs
  • purchasing real estate
  • seeking enforcement of a written warranty
  • making other purchases

The Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) is a statute that protects consumers like you from predatory business practices and empty promises. Grogan Law, PLLC can help you enforce your rights and resolve your claim.

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Protecting Your Rights In Consumer Law Cases

The Process

The DTPA, prior to filing suit, requires that you give the company or business written notice and a chance to make things right. This written notice extends for sixty days, after which, if there is no resolution, you may file a lawsuit to enforce your rights and seek restitution. Grogan Law, PLLC can help guide you through your claim from sending the notice letter to filing a lawsuit and litigating your claim, if necessary.


Take Action Today To Resolve Your Claim

If litigation is required, consumers may seek up to three times the amount of their damages and the costs of hiring an attorney. In some instances, they may also seek damages based on mental anguish. Determining the value of your claim and understanding the most efficient way to enforce your rights is vital. Grogan Law, PLLC offers free consultations. Call or email today to discuss your claim with Attorney Eric Grogan.

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